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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Our office manager schedules the intake session as well as subsequent appointments.  You can contact her at (727) 449-2628.  She will ask you for basic demographic and insurance information in order to verify your insurance benefits regarding sessions allowed, services covered, and co-pays and/or deductibles.  When scheduling appointments, please be advised that the office manager will assist you in setting up several appointments in advance so that you are assured continuity of treatment.

What can I expect during the first session?

You can expect to become better acquainted with the psychologist with whom you will be working.  The match between you (or your child) and the therapist is very important, so the first meeting helps you determine your comfort level and potential for creating a working relationship.  Your first meeting will consist primarily of information gathering about the concerns that led to you scheduling the appointment, which often includes current symptoms, past symptoms, previous treatments, medical history, family history, social history, and a review of contributing factors.  You will also work to develop an initial treatment plan that includes your goals and objectives.

Should I bring anything with me to the first appointment?

Please remember to bring your insurance card and picture identification.  Also, bring any relevant psychological and/or psychiatric evaluation/report, psychoeducational evaluation, or treatment summaries from previous clinicians.  Plan to arrive approximately 15-minutes early in order to complete the initial paper work.

How much will this cost and is it covered by insurance?

Most therapeutic services and some types of evaluations are covered by insurance, but coverage varies depending on your insurance plan.  We encourage you to call your insurance carrier to obtain information about mental health coverage.  Alternatively, our office manager can provide you with such information once she verifies your coverage.   Typically, you will be responsible for a portion of the cost in the form of copays or deductibles.

What insurances do you accept?

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield 

  • United Behavioral Health   

  • Tricare    

  • Humana 

  • Beacon Health Options

  • Medicare

If you have an insurance that is not on the list, you may have out-of-network benefits that allow you to see providers not in your network. You can call your insurance company about this or we can assist you in determining your insurance benefits. 

Do you prescribe medication?

Dr. Ghozali does not prescribe medication.  If you need medication as a component of your treatment, he will work with your current provider or refer you to an appropriate physician.

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